With the guidance of Tony Samara, discover a path of profound transformation, evolution of consciousness and inner peace. This path is open to all people from all walks of life who seek Health, Happiness and Inner Wisdom.

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The Simplicity of Love Meditation Tony Samara

Detox Body, Mind and Soul

A 14 Day Healing and Rejuvenation Programme


• Are you a healthy weight? 

• Do you feel good most of the time? 

• Do you wake up energised, tired or sluggish? 

• How is your overall health? 

• Is your blood pressure in a healthy range? 

• Are your cholesterol and blood sugar levels normal? 

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I know you can go through this easily! (Sahaj)


Part of the challenging terrain of modern anxiety, stress and the sense of life being overwhelming and intense is a result of fear-laden clusters of unconscious ‘thought energies’ in the body and mind that cause what modern psychologists term as the price we pay for a complex modern lifestyle... Read more >>

The Inner Saboteur


I’d like to go more deeply into a part of ourselves that most people recognize but don’t really know how to deal with – I call it the Inner Saboteur. Usually we look at various aspects on the outside, especially with all the news of the various things that are going on around us in the world... Read more >>

When Someone Close to You Dies


Sat Tony Samara is regularly asked if there is something special that one can do when someone close to them dies. He replies like this:

“What is most important is that for the 3 days immediately after the death of the physical body that you focus only on the good things that you shared together...



"The last Satsang was beautiful as usual.. homeopathic doses of wisdom :-) very subtle and highly effective."

I.S. (Switzerland)

"I really enjoyed Tony's satsang today. I see he has a curious knack of addressing the points that meet me exactly where I am at for that day or time. Now that is impressive! I assume he is tuning in to people as we connect via the computer. Please thank him - I am so much where I need to be to do the things I want and need to do today, coming from a place of happiness as opposed to anxiety and stress which often grips me on Monday mornings.”

- W.B. (Australia)

"I came home to a depth that made me so very satisfied and energetic. All the wonderful practice, meditational, mental and emotional, followed by the energy transmission... all seems like a dream, and in a way it is. It was amazing to be able to have the time and focus on these Satsangs. I especially liked the days after these unique experiences, it felt like being alive to a new dimension to life. That’s how life has to be. I hope this energy and healing will increase and multiply and make the world a better place to live in."

- S. K. Portugal


“The deepest gratitude of my heart to Beloved Tony for this evening's satsang/meditation/energy transmission, so full of love, so powerful, focused in the most gentle, subtle way, and his answer to the question, wow! Everything was speaking directly to my heart and soul. Thank you to the whole wonderful Team for being here, for your beautiful presence of love!”

- Vivian Bryan, USA


“I loved the satsangs very very very much. I'm already in the next series and can't wait to be in a retreat very soon. Tony's teachings are very inspiring, sweet, centered and wise. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you're all doing, making this world more enlightened, peaceful and resonating love. Warm regards from Brazil <3."

- Andressa V. da Nóbrega, Brazil




Detox Body, Mind and Soul:

A 14 Day Healing and Rejuvenation Programme




The Benefits of Meditation


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