Welcome to my Website!

Visit a space created for the exploration of meditation and gratitude. Join me online for inspiring posts, podcasts, videos and events.

Bem-vindo ao meu site!

Visite um espaço criado para a exploração da meditação e da gratidão. Junte-se a mim online para postagens inspiradoras, podcasts, vídeos e eventos.
Tony Samara, mystic, spiritual teacher & author of over a dozen books, has been sharing deep evolutionary work and inspiring people to incorporate meditation into their daily lives for 34 years.

Combining meditation, detoxing the body, a plant-based Mediterranean diet & a simple lifestyle, he is best known for how his work touches more deeply than words.

Tony Samara is dedicated to living life with integrity, equality, truth, simplicity, peace, and the stewardship of the Earth, as well as the empowerment of others with the knowledge of spiritual and healing practices.

He has created projects that truly benefit people, spoken about the advantages of choosing non-violence in all situations, fostered understandings by communicating about the meeting points between spirituality and science, and championed respectful and sustainable lifestyles that are in harmony with our beautiful planet.

  • €12.55

mp3 Extraordinário

    Nesta meditação guiada, Tony Samara destaca a importância de ir além do superficial para explorar a paisagem interior, como forma de se reconectar com a essência espiritual e expressar amor a todas as partes de si mesmo. Concentrando-se no questionamento dos apegos ao ego e na respiração profunda que cultiva a consciência elevada, Tony oferece-nos a possibilidade de abraçar a Presença Divina e a Auto-Realização.

    • €12.55

    mp3 Step into the Extraordinary

      In this 1 hour guided meditation, Tony Samara highlights the importance of moving beyond the superficial to explore the inner landscape, as a way of reconnecting with one's spiritual essence and expressing love to all parts of oneself. Focussing on questioning attachments to the ego, and deep breathing that cultivates elevated awareness, Tony offers us the possibility to embrace Divine Presence and Self-Realisation.

      Upcoming Online Events

      • €15

      Full Moon/Lua Cheia 23 May 2024

      • Webinar
      • May 23, 2024 at 2:00 PM CEST

      (com tradução para português) Meditation Energy Transmissions are held each New Moon at: 09h00 Rio, Brazil 13h00 London, Lisbon, Limerick 14h00 Madrid, Berlin, Geneva 15h00 Latvia, Ukraine As Transmissões de Energia de Meditação são realizadas a cada Lua Nova no: 09h00 Rio, Brasil 13h00 Londres, Lisboa, Limerick 14h00 Madri, Berlim, Genebra 15h00 Letônia, Ucrânia

      • €20

      Masters Meditation 30 May 2024 Meditação dos Mestres

      • Webinar
      • May 30, 2024 at 2:00 PM CEST

      "There is a sacred place within us, naturally aligned with higher consciousness." - Tony Samara This super special online event, will allow the awakening process, that heals so beautifully, to go deeper.  The event commences at: 13:00h Rio, Brazil 16:00h London, Limerick, Lisbon 17:00h Venice, Zurich, Monaco 18:00h Riga, Kyiv, Tallinn

      • €15

      New Moon/Lua Nova 6 June 2024

      • Webinar
      • Jun 6, 2024 at 2:00 PM CEST

      (com tradução para português) This event will take place at: Este evento acontecerá em: 09h00 Rio, Brazil 13h00 London, Lisbon, Limerick 14h00 Madrid, Berlin, Geneva 15h00 Latvia, Ukraine

      Ongoing events that have recently commenced

      but are still possible to join and receive access to future events, and recordings of the past ones.

      • €88
      • 2 payments of €45

      Miracle of Consciousness from 28 April 2024

        Commencing Sunday, 28 April 2024, at: 13:00h Rio, Brazil 17:00h London, Limerick, Lisbon 18:00h Venice, Zurich, Monaco 19:00h Riga, Kyiv, Tallinn Dates: April 28 May 5(no),12(no),19,26 June 2,9,16,23(no),30 This event is in English.

        • €125
        • 2 payments of €65

        Daily Presence Transmissions from 29 April 2024

          "Being in the support of an energy field that is created by the heartfelt warmth of a group that has as its main intention to bring this awakening, will help you understand your essence." - Tony Samara There are 20 transmissions of 20-30 minutes, in English, Monday to Friday at: 07:00h Rio, Brazil 10:00h London, Limerick, Lisbon 11:00h Venice, Zurich, Monaco 12:00h Riga, Kyiv, Tallinn

          Life as a Meditational Experience

          Sacred Sound Meditation - Spiritual Prayer

          9pm Daily CEST  ( Croatia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, etc. )

          To check the time in your location you may like to use this platform https://www.worldtimebuddy.com

          Today's sound frequency intention is:
          May joy and light be a part of today and all of infinity. May unity be a celebration of divine presence in humanity as well as all of creation. May divine expression celebrate our potential to receive happiness, health, energy, and inner peace.

          If you would like to be included, simply add your email address.

          Coming Soon

          • €1,900
          • 24 payments of €85
          • Closed

          Breathing Teacher Training Course

          • Course

          The Breathing Practice Training Course program consists of 2 years of training in the techniques of the Beautiful Breathing practices, so that they can be shared with others. (A Certificate of Completion will be given to all successful participants.) (More information will be provided soon.)

          • €1,900
          • 24 payments of €85
          • Closed

          Intuitive and Bio-Field Healing Course

          • Course

          The Intuitive and Bio-Field Healing course consists of 2 years of intensive training in the principles and techniques of intuitive and bio-field healing. (A Certificate of Completion will be given to all successful participants.) (More information will be provided soon.)

          • €1,900
          • 24 payments of €85
          • Closed

          Meditation Teacher Training Course

          • Course

          The Meditation Teacher Training Course program covers the foundational principles and techniques of meditation, including understanding the different styles of meditation, cultivating mindfulness, and guiding meditation practices. (A Certificate of Completion will be given to all successful participants.) (More information will be provided soon.)
          "Just one of the benefits of being part of Tony Samara's courses has been getting in touch with the beauty of my practice a little more each day, becoming a little more present, mindful and connected. I continue to feel an incredible synchronicity and flow through my days." - Sandra